Yakitori accessories

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  • japanese yakitori grill rackjapanese yakitori grill rack

    3 Tier Elevation Rack Yakitori 40

    Achieve a higher level of performance and expand the grill’s capability.

    Made from 304 stainless steel solid bar.
    Includes 2 pairs of removable skewer bars.
    Measures 31 3/4 W X 6 3/4 D x 11 H
    The distance between racks 5″
    Additional sizes are available. Call or Pricing (Item Shown on Yakitori 40 Grill)

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  • Elevated Food Grill Double WideElevated Food Grill DBL Wide

    Elevated Food Grill Double Wide

    The Ultimate Accompaniment For Our Yakitori Grill

    Made from 11 Gage 304 stainless steel
    Designed to fit YAK-40- DBL ( Other grills by request)
    5/8 Diameter Hole Pattern creates an interesting marking pastern
    Measures 11 5/8 Wide X 30 3/4 Length x 3″ Height
    Weight 18 LBS

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  • Yakitori Grill Rack

    Wildwoods traditional style Yakitori Grill Rack is made from woven and welded stainless steel mesh. Professional grade electro polished. made in America by Wildwood.

    Grill size measures 20″ x 10″
    Handle length 7″
    Mesh size 1/2 x 1/2

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  • Skewer Elevator Angles 40"

    Skewer Elevator Angles 40″

    A very popular accessory option for our yakitori grills. Made from food grade 11 Gauge 304 brushed stainless steel. Measures 2 x 2 x 34 inches in length. One set is 2pcs.

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  • ceramic briquettes

    Ceramic Briquette Array 24″

    Wildwoods Ceramic Briquettes are made from highest quality ceramics made in America. These briquettes can heat up to over a thousand degrees, and are easily cleaned by simply turning them over to burn off residues. The very tight pores of these briquettes assure a pure and clean taste. They vaporize juices and drippings instantly to create a wonderful flavor on foods.

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  • ceramic briquettes

    Ceramic Briquettes Array 40″

    Wildwoods  professional grade ceramic briquettes array for 40″  Each briquette measures 2 x 2 inches square. Package contains 42 briquettes.


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  • Food Grill

    Food Grill DBL Wide 24

    Measures : 20 x 12 x 1/2

    Weight :  8 Lbs

    Material  11 gauge 304 stainless steel.


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