Gas Catering Pizza Oven Modular Design


Dimensions:  45 x 48 x 65

Weight:          668 Lbs

Material:        304 Stainless Steel / Optional Copper Enclosure

Insulated Oven Enclosure with stainless steel draw latches



Wildwoods Gas Catering Pizza Oven is an amazing product on so many levels.
designed as a modular oven that breaks down into 4 components to allow easy loading, and set up. Used by caterers to cook in hard to access areas. This catering oven consist of a table with integrated storage, a 46 x 43 steel oven deck heated by 5 gas burners, and a 2 piece insulated oven enclosure with chimney.

This Gas Catering Pizza Oven can use either LPG or natural gas. The oven can be used with out the enclosure as a flat top griddle to further increase the usefulness.

Another great option to this oven is our salamander grill which can be placed inside to quickly heat the top of a pizza.

This oven is commonly used by caterers who want to reheat hundreds of pre-cooked  pizzas or need to grill up lots of tacos and tortillas, or burgers and buns. Many other uses include anything you would use on a flat top like stock pots, hotel pans, etc . The large griddle surface offers some serious territory to the chefs who need to get out lots of food product fast. This oven is a life saver when catering large events.

Key features include:

2 piece griddle made from 3/8″ cold rolled steel with integrated handles for easy lifting

2 piece oven enclosure with latches to ensure a positive seal

1 piece burner base with 5 linear stainless steel burners for precise even heat distribution.

2 piece chimney vent suitable for solid fuel

Optional removable infrared salamander burners.

This oven is made of 304 stainless steel base, griddle, and enclosure. There is an option for a copper enclosure made from Wildwoods signature hammered copper pattern. When your equipment needs to make a statement this is the look you want.

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Other Options Include:


Copper Enclosure




Additional information

Weight 800 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 72 in