Milano Corner Pizza Oven Stand


Milano Corner Pizza Oven Stand
50″ x 50″ x 30.5  x 30.5 x  42″ H
Material 16 Gauge Welded Tube Steel
Weight 190 lbs
Capacity: 2000 lbs

Milano Corner Stand Specifications


Wildwood make pizza oven stands for all our ovens. Perfect for installing a wildwood oven in the center of an L shaped cooking island, or for any other corner installation. This stand is constructed of durable, 2 inch, welded, tube steel, ready for site finishing.

Wildwoods pizza oven stand is a durable and logical solution to getting your oven installed quickly and efficiently. If you have an existing patio and want to install an oven this is an ideal solution. There is no need to break the concrete and dig footings, pour cement, stack blocks, and deal with lots of construction work and mess.

This modular system is the complete solution for most homeowners. Our stand ships to any location.  And once on site it can be easily moved by one person using a hand dolly. Our system requires the use of our Heat Stopper Board on top of the pizza oven stand. This stops the migration of heat from the oven hearth into the substructure support.

The stand is easily clad with cement board, Hardy Backer board, or metal lath. Finish materials include stone, brick veneer, plaster and tile.

This option is great for DIY homeowners looking for an efficient and durable way to install their pizza oven. Our stands are set to an optimal 44″ height this allows the oven to be elevated to between elbow and shoulder height. This height allows the user to comfortably use the oven without stooping and bending over.

Need A Custom Oven Stand?

Wildwood makes several styles of oven enclosures to fit all our ovens stands.
This is our complete solution to make your installation fast and easy saving you time and money.

Check Out Our Pizza Oven Enclosures

To see how our system works check out our installation video.

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Additional information

Weight 350 lbs
Dimensions 60 × 40 × 65 in

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