Pizza Oven Gas Burner

Convert Your Wood-Fired Oven to a Gas Pizza Oven

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A ​Wildwood  gas burner gives you several advantages over wood-only fire:

  • It can burn gas only or wood only or do both at the same time!

  • It is economical

  • It is convenient

  • It is easy to heat up your oven

  • It is easy to maintain at a constant temperature

  • It runs silently

  • It reduces cleaning of ashes

  • There is no need to store wood

  • Choose from natural gas or propane

  • Very little maintenance required



Wildwood has a wide variety of gas burners that are available for all our pizza ovens.The pizza oven gas  burner draws air and mixes with gas in the specially designed venturi tube to give a very strong flame. The flame circulates in the dome and warms the entire oven.You can burn wood, or gas and wood at the same time with our burner.

The  best place to locate our burner is   though a hole in the floor in the back left or back right of the oven at the 10 o’clock or 2 o’clock position. The burner is attached to the underside of the floor of the oven. The controller should be located in front of the oven, where it is easy to keep an eye of the flame while making adjustments.

INSTALLING IN ​NEW OVENS This is a breeze! When building the base for the oven, leave a hole for the sleeve.  If you are buying  our oven kit, let us specify witch  burner is best for your oven

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