Parrilla M 802 Argentine Style Grill

Parrilla M 802 Argentine Style Grill 

Size:                 Grill 35″ x 21 3/4″ + 15″ Fire Basket

Material:        304 Stainless Steel

Installation:   Masonry

Depth :           21 – 3/4″

Download Parrilla M 802 Spec Sheet


The Parrilla M 802 is a classic Argentine style Parrilla. Made from 304 stainless steel, with front steering wheel for manual control of the height of the grill.ildwoods Parrilla grill is equipped with stainless steel V grilles with grease tray or round stainless-steel grill, both of which are easy to remove for cleaning.

This Parrilla uses firewood or charcoal, which must be burned in the brazier and, later, the embers are spread under the grills. Options include an upper rest bar for hanging meat hooks.

When looking for an authentic high quality grill look to Wildwood. We have been providing high end grills since 2002, and are experts in our field.


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