Parrilla 69

Parrilla 69

Large Format Grill wood or charcoal fired.

Sizes:  72″ –  144″
Options:  Lateral Spits Fire Burn Box, Ash Drawer, Folding Shelf

Color:      Black, Red, Stainless Steel


Wildwoods Parrilla 69 is a large format grill with separate work stations, or individual.  Designed for large capacity grilling, this model features a center burn box for producing the perfect charcoal. When ordering you have options as to size, color, and fire burn box.

Other options include lateral spits for roasting pigs, lambs and more.
This Parrilla 69 includes a stainless steel folding shelf that holds various sizes of hotel pans.

Our ash collection system includes an ash chute and removable drawer for easy disposal. Convenient storage below the fire box keep wood and charcoal close at hand.

The Parrilla 69 grill elevation is controlled by a side wheel winder. This elevations system uses stainless steel chain for reliability.
When your looking for a real work horse of a grill look no further.

High performance insulated fire boxes and back walls keep the fire focused on the grilling area.

When your looking for a grill for your open kitchen look no further.
Since 2002 Wildwood has been providing high end grills for the professional and home chef alike.

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