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Gas Grill Head



Two sizes available:
Gas Grill Head for Pro-Line 9 Skewer BBQ
BBQ-GGH-9 $2,608.00
Dimensions: 33″W x 30″D x 9.25″H

Gas Grill Head for Pro-Line 15 Skewer BBQ
BBQ-GGH-15 $3,762.00
Dimensions: 48″W x 30″D x 9.25″H


Constructed of 304 stainless steel
Easy to remove and clean drip tray
6 detachable burners with V-shield to guard against grease and easy maintenance
Each burner can be controlled with it’s own knob for centralized cooking
Designed to sit atop an existing counter or built into new kitchen
Ready to hook up to 3/4″ supply line
Compatible with Natural Gas or Propane (specify at time of order)
Proline Rotisserie not included

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