Combo Wood Fired Grill 80


Combo Wood Fired Grill 80
Wildwoods Combo Wood Fired Grill 80 is a marriage of our Brazilian rotisserie grill and our Argentinean parrilla.
The ultimate grill for your home.

Professional grade components.

80 X 34 X 60″ H 560 LBS
11 Skewer Rotisserie Moduel
Parrilla 25″ w x 24 D Height Adjustable
Removable Drip Tray
Electricity 120 Volts
Fuel: Charcoal / Wood

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Wildwoods Combo Wood Fired Grill 80 is a marriage of our Brazilian rotisserie grill and our Argentinean parrilla. The site of meats rotating and roasting on spits over wood create a sensational show for your guest.

Create your own charcoal by burning wood in the central fire box and spreading under the grills. This technique creates the best grilling by allowing wood or charcoal to burn to the right temperature and flavor profile. And not only that, this unique residential and catering grill combines the best of our Brazilian and Argentinean grills with a central fire box for burning wood and charcoal. This unit is at home in your back yard or traveling to events. heavy duty swivel locking wheels and grab handles making moving easy.

Not only that, talk about storage, our storage drawers for skewers and a wood keep items close at hand, while the firebox has individual ash drawers for easy collection and disposal.

Electric lift grill and rotisserie system give precise control of the grilling action.
A simple touch of a button starts the meats rotating, while the Parrilla is controlled by an up-down selector switch with built in limit stops. This creates a clean modern look with minimal hardware.

Fire box is double insulated fire brick for increased heat retention and conservation of fuel.

304 stainless steel upper with powder coated base provide unparalleled durability and performance.

This grill uses many of the features found in our professional line of restaurant equipment.

Heavy duty motors and gears, professional grade skewers are just a few of the enhanced

When you want to create a traditional and memorable BBQ look out side of the everyday common, move to a culinary forward grill that provides the flavor and flair of real wood- fired cooking.

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