Charcoal Yakitori Grill 40 for Restaurant


Prepare authentic Japanese Yakitori grill, Tokyo BBQ and more with Wildwoods professional table top BBQ. These stylish units will look great in your restaurant or home. Typically fired with traditional Japanese Kishu Binchotan Komaru. Our charcoal only Japanese yakitori grill allows for traditional charcoal grilling.Japanese Yakitori Grill is perfect for preparing traditional yakitori, tokyo BBQ , middle eastern kebab, satay,  Italian style spiedini misti and more…
Let your imagination run “wild” Wildwood BBQs!

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Wildwoods professional charcoal yakitori grill is setting the standard for binchotan grills.

All our  charcoal yakitori grill is triple insulated for operator comfort and safety. Wildwoods line of professional Japanese yakitori grills are made from heavy gauge top quality 304 stainless steel with a sanitary brushed finish which produce an elegant look.

Wildwood produces a selection of yakitori and yakiniku grill accessories to complement our grills. Our solid rest bars are included with every yakitori grill as standard equipment. We also offer angle elevation bars, welded grill rack elevation systems that allow multiple levels of skewers over the heat source. Wildwood also has a “food grill” option that is made from heavy gauge perforated stainless steel, and is great for searing steaks hot and fast while creating interesting marking on the meats. Another accessory is our light weight grill rack made from woven stainless steel. This is great for any non skewered items.

Wildwood offers a complete line of authentic Japanese charcoal. We provide several types of authentic white oak all natural binchotan charcoal, hosamaru kumaru. Talk to one of our friendly sales representatives to find out more.

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Made in America and NSF certified, our hybrid binchotan grill has come to be accepted worldwide and is used by the top resorts, hotels and restaurants on over 7 continents. When you want a grill and performance and style matters, this is the yakitori grill you want.

See all our yakitori grills feature:

-304 Stainless steel construction
-Triple insulated fire box keeps exterior cool
-Removable ash/drip drawer
-Stainless steel charcoal rack included
-Skewer holders included
-Optional Accessories include: S/S Food Grill,  and elevated skewer holder

*specifications are subject to change
Our Japanese Yakitori Grill can be custom built to fit your specific needs.

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Weight 257 lbs
Dimensions 45 × 25 × 24 in