Brazilian Charcoal BBQ 300 for Restaurant

Brazilian Charcoal BBQ 300 for Restaurant

Size:  Variable

Fuel:  Charcoal

Voltage: 120 or 240 Volts ( Specify at time of order)

Options: Ash drawer, Flat grill Racks

Charcoal 300 Spec Sheet


Wildwoods Brazilian Charcoal BBQ 300 for Restaurant is the gold standard for creating  Brazilian BBQ.  This authentic churrasqueira  allows chefs to prepare mouth watering and succulent grilled meats in the time honored tradition.

Large cuts of meats are placed on skewers and set over a hot coals and allowed to rotate. This rotation of allows the meats to self baste in their own juices, and preserve the flavor of each cut.

Wildwood produces a wide range of skewer options, that allow the grilling of virtually any type of meat and vegetable.

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Our most popular grills use 3 lateral galleries of skewers which allow for moving the meats up or down depending on how much heat the chef want to apply. Additionally we can provide optional stationary grills to any gallery, in lieu of skewers.


Ash Drawer

Glass Side Panel

Masonry Installation