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You want to look for dry hardwoods. It is important to get wood that is ‘well seasoned’ or ‘well aged.’ Good woods to use are oak, maple, apple, pecan, and other hard woods. Stay away from softer woods such as pine, spruce,cedar, and fir. Soft woods burn very quickly and more unevenly than hardwoods. The size of the firewood is important as well. Use pieces that are between two to three inches in diameter and around a foot in length. Large pieces of wood will burn longer at a low temperature.
Yes, we distribute our products throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, and Mexico. We have sales representatives in Toronto, Canada as well as Sydney and Melbourne, Australia.
When installed and maintained properly, our brick ovens are engineered to last a lifetime. We like to say here at Wildwood, that you never really own your wood fired brick oven… You pass it on to your kids, and grand kids.
Yes, our products come with a five year warranty that covers all manufacturer defects. See our web site for complete warranty coverage.
Keep in mind that Wildwood is always just a phone call or e-mail away. Whether it be inquiries about installation, curing, firing, or even cooking, our specialists are here to help. Just call 323.255.6578 or e-mail info@03e8f9c.netsolhost.com and one of our specialists will follow up with you promptly.
Our brick ovens are made to be wood fired, but we do have options to make the oven work with gas. We offer a gas burner that can be installed in the oven during the construction phase. We also offer a gas log lighter if you just want assistance getting the fire started
To clean the brick oven, the first step is to let it cool down to a more manageable temperature. We recommend allowing at least one to two days for the oven to cool. Next using either our ash vac or a fireplace shovel, remove all of the ashes and remaining coals from the chamber of the oven. A shop vac can also be used for this step. If desired, the fine ash can be removed with our hearth mop or a compressed air can.
We offer a full line of soapstone cookware that work exceptionally well in our wood fired brick ovens. We offer one liter, three liter, and six liter pots for braising, stewing, rice, beans, etc. Our stone griddles are ideal for steaks, roasted veggies, table side cooking, or even for use on your stove top. If soapstone isn’t something your interested in you still have quite a few options. Cast iron pans from Le Creuset, or hard anodized pans from Calphalon work well in the brick oven also.
Our brick ovens are very versatile and can be used to create a large number of items. Some of our favorite items to make in the oven include: Artisan Breads Stuffed roasted peppers Pan fried polenta Baked pasta Wood plank baked fish Bacon wrapped dates Braised beef brisket Pulled pork shoulder Roasted potatoes Seared Tuna Roasted meats and more… Basically, anything that you can make in your conventional oven, can be made better in the wood fired oven.
Yes, most bread items including pizzas and calzones can be cooked directly on the hearth. The unique properties of the hearth cause bread to rise and spring rapidly, quickly, and come out with a great crisp crust. Any items other than bread, must be cooked in a skillet or pan, as they may damage the hearth. We recommend our soapstone pots and pans, as they are very gentle and forgiving on the hearth.
Our ovens are shipped in easy to assemble kits, direct to your home or job site. The pieces are then assembled on site by a contractor or ‘Do- it-Your selfer.’ Pre assembled oven are only offered by special order.
Yes, insulating the brick oven is an essential step in the process that can not be over looked. Our ovens come with a fiber insulation blanket, but will require vermiculite in conjunction to properly insulate the unit.
No, you can conform to the shape the oven and keep the look of our symmetrical dome design. We call this our Kiva/ Adobe finish, and offer a high performance ceramic insulation blanket that can be purchased separately. The ceramic blanket has a higher R value, conforms to the shape of the brick oven better due to flexibility , and allows you to use less material by volume and still have an oven that is well insulated. For instructions on completing our kiva/ adobe finish contact info@03e8f9c.netsolhost.com.
No, our brick ovens can be ,and have been, installed indoors or out. Our ovens are used in restaurants, hotels, and country clubs as well. Indoor installations will often require the use of triple wall chimney pipe.
The brick ovens can be assembled by anyone who has basic masonry knowledge. The full installation instructions are available on our web site for your convenience. The brick oven can be placed upon an existing concrete shelf, or a new one can be built using cinder blocks and poured in place concrete. Another option is to purchase a metal stand that is specially designed for our ovens, and then pour a concrete shelf on that. The oven sections are then dry-fit in place, and the refractory grout is used to seal the external joints of the dome. There are two basic styles that can be implemented when finishing and insulating one of our brick ovens. The first, and most popular, option is to build an enclosure to surround the oven. The walls can be framed using metal stud and hardie backer board, concrete block, or even brick. The brick oven is then covered with the insulation blanket and the cavity surrounding the oven is then filled with ‘Vermiculite,’ which can be found at most home and garden centers. The final step is to install the roof The other option is to conform to the unique shape the brick oven and keep the dome design. We call this our Kiva/ Adobe finish. For instructions on completing our kiva/ adobe finish contact info@03e8f9c.netsolhost.com
The brick oven door is primarily used to reduce the rate of wood consumption by lowering the flow of fresh air coming into the oven. The effect is that the fire will be starved for air slightly and the oven will be kept at a more constant temperature.
Our brick ovens have the potential to reach temperatures as high as 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Though it is not recommended that you operate your oven at this temperature, as many food items will be quickly incinerated. We recommend that cooking be done at a maximum temperature range of 700-800 degrees F. Our brick ovens heat up extremely quickly, reaching 700 degrees in as little as an hour. This is due to the unique properties of our ovens. Our brick ovens are constructed from a very modern refractory concrete that is is light weight, yet retains heat very well. Also our ovens are built using our patented parabolic dome design, which focuses the heat directly on the hearth.
Building a fire in a wood fired brick oven is much easier than building a fire in a fireplace or a campground. The reason is that the wood fired brick oven doesn’t contain as much ambient air, and a flame will grow quickly with the right fuel. To build a fire, the process always begins the same. Take two pieces of well aged (very dry) firewood that are close to the same size(six to ten inches long and three to six inches in diameter) and place them in the oven about six inches apart. Next, lightly crumple up a ball of newspaper and place it in between the fire wood. Then, lay kindling across the pieces of wood and directly above the newspaper, in a cross hatch pattern. Next, light the newspaper and let the kindling ignite, adding gradually larger pieces as the wood is consumed. Once the fire has been built up and larger pieces of wood are lit, the entire fire can be brushed to either the left, right, or rear of the brick oven.
Our ovens use six inch diameter, class A, chimney pipe for solid fuel burning. For venting through noncombustible materials you will need double wall pipe; for venting through combustible materials (wood, roofing,etc) triple wall pipe is required. Brands to look for are Simpson Duratech line, or Metal Bestos line from Selkirk. We have a company located in Murietta, Georgia that we have been working with for over four years now. They offer excellent pricing and customer service. Call 678.461.5997 and ask for Steve, or visit www.precisionvent.com
In addition to our wood burning oven kit, you’ll need the materials for installing your oven. The complete list can be found on our oven installation instructions. Also you will need to purchase the chimney system.
The kit comes with the pre cast, modular, oven sections; refractory grout, for sealing the external joints of the oven dome; a steel oven door, and a fiber blanket for insulating the oven.
All of our wood fired brick ovens are designed with the builder in mind. The brick oven pieces are very lightweight and can typically be moved by one person. The Milano/ Toscano ovens are comprised of six refractory pieces that can be dry-fit in as little as 30 minutes. The Roma oven has 7 pieces and can be dry fit in 30 minutes as well. From start to finish a wood fired brick oven project can take as little as five days to complete.
Our Roma brick oven can fit one twelve inch pizza, or two small pizzas at the same time. Our Milano brick oven is sized to fit two to three, twelve inch pizzas at a time. Our Toscano brick oven is big enough to fit three to five, twelve inch pizzas at a time.