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Brazilian BBQs

Brazilian BBQ (Restaurant, Residential, and Catering)

Wildwood has a wide Selection of Brazilian Rotisserie BBQ’s including Restaurant, Residential, and Catering. Each BBQ product is designed to bring the authentic flavor and tradition of Churrasco. An age old style of BBQ where choice cuts of meats are pierced on large skewers and placed over a pit of hot wood coals.The skewers are slowly rotated and roasted allowing the meats to self baste, creating succulent moist and tender BBQ. Each piece of meat retaining the unique flavor of the cut, with a subtle yet delicious wood flavor. BBQ with style and flair! The Wildwood way!

Brazilian BBQs. Portuguese not required.
Restaurant BBQ

Wildwood offers commercial restaurant BBQ units. Our mobile restaurant units are constructed of 304 stainless steel with real charcoal BBQ pits.

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Brazilian BBQs

Residential BBQ

Professional grade electric residential rotisserie. Designed to fit over custom built BBQ pits.

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Brazilian BBQs


Bring the exciting concept of Brazilian BBQ (Churrasco) to your next affair. Designed for ease of mobility with large all terrain tires. These Wildwood mobile units are a show stopper!

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Brazilian BBQs