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Chef Michael Gerard

Chef Michael Gerard

Michael started his career in the family business at age 9, learning how to create blueprints and engineer electrical plans for various manufacturing facilities. By age 21, Michael received his electrical engineering and contracting license from the state of California. He then went on to develop Electel Co., a construction and engineering company focused on designing and building electrical and voice data systems to support various industries such as broadcasting, entertainment, manufacturing, and hospitality.

While growing up his family had an urban farm at their Los Angeles home where they grew what they ate, kept chickens, bees, and picked and canned their own produce.

“Long before this was a trend, this is how we lived”.
“I learned how to harvest eggs, dispatch chickens, and extract honey from our bee hives. Growing food was everything to my dad, who after working 12 hour days, would go home and work in the garden” – Michael Gerard.

My vision from day one, was not just to sell an oven; but to teach you how to use it.” MG

In 2000 Michael followed a new path based on his passion for cooking and entertaining. He focused his energy to studying industrial design in an effort to create a modern wood fired pizza oven.

Wildwood Ovens was Born.